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as it was before the billy jones play i pulled out two dogs lie about their religious freedom belongs to germany but the politicize this is not and we are going to turn against this and average where where this politicize islam attempts to restrict our way of life because as usual state it will stand opposed to this. in portugal use island in the atlantic ocean is in desperate need of decontamination decades of us air force activity has all left and polluted with waste including heavy metals and islanders say that they're worried about the prevalence of cancer. the marine community back to twenty thousand this is not constant it also like this
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is of the same releases are never a constant as the one now lots of eighteen twenty twenty twenty thousand twenty thousand. new them freely and it started to run away from here as we are ready to stay too long. we have is a series of locations with extremely high levels of pollution caused by heavy metals of hydrocarbons there are very high levels of lead in some zones copper and zinc molybdenum all of them have a matters that in certain concentrations can cause to realty cancer arrhythmia and neverending amounts of problems associated with an excess of these substances. all my family lived in that area both of my parents died of cancer my mom of breast cancer and my dad. was
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a different kind of cancer when i was thirty three i was diagnosed with breast cancer. good much confusing the more cancer cases there are the more that a few lation asks why is this happening why if the pride of its oriya the roads that on one side all houses have a had at least one case of cancer and on the other side it's almost every other house that is not normal. the u.s. has maintained a presence on the terrace island since one thousand nine hundred forty three it serves as a stopover for transatlantic military flights and is home to the sixty fifth air base group although it is not known how many personnel are currently stationed
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there there are one hundred sixty one houses to accommodate them one former employee told us about the health risks that workers at the facility say they have been exposed to all of you going to are meant there was also a senate commission that came to check a legal process from some members of the american military who are dying of terminal cancer and were exposed to radioactivity on to so they were here for a week and during this time i found out what that would do and here they were here to confirm the existence of radiation island radioactive contamination with. the dire environmental situation on the island was first acknowledged in a classified report written in two thousand and three it has since been leaked it details seventeen major fuel spills in one case fifteen thousand gallons of jet fuel were released when a pump was unintentionally activated that was in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and there has been no cleanup since the report stresses that the island's
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inhabitants are at risk from contaminants in this soil air and water here's what local experts have been telling us. we found in the data that was published referring to the two thousand and seven two thousand and eleven period a higher number of certain cancers in the prior divots or area than the rest of the source especially regarding the rare occurrences for example i can see with thirty three percent of the cases being in prior to for torah while the area has only eight point five two percent of the story in population. and we. this is how the repeats itself on various islands occupied by the americans this is almost a scorched earth policy where the problems accumulate and the local government doesn't react the population has no capacity to take a stance maybe as a result of scientific illiteracy or lack of knowledge on the cause effect
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relations more news after a break stay with us. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and obviously you think yes in the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. you know when you don't. see the. what the most through a. little bit. said . so many times into you know coming to see that. if you speak french. those who have.
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not seen you. are welcome back you're watching our t.v. international now an anti-gun campaign a group in the u.s. has published a list of three hundred members of congress which it accuses of blocking efforts to impose tougher firearms laws according to every town for gun safety all of these politicians accept money from the national rifle association and calls for a new legislation have intensified in the wake of a school shooting in florida which left seventeen people dead mass protests have
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been held in cities across the country calling for a ban of the weapon used in that shooting the a r fifteen assault rifle however the head of the national rifle association has doubled down saying staff at schools should be better are you also accused of gun control advocates. voiding the tragedy now for some insight on the story we can now bring in john william louden former republican member of the missouri. senate and. a professor of urban studies at queens college in new york thank you both for being with us here on our two international i guess let's start with you john as we mentioned. hundreds of u.s. lawmakers have been accused of accepting money from the n.r.a. how much influence does this organization actually have over congress.
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you know i this is totally overblown to suggest that any one group has way more sway or the ability to like truly put lives in danger the n.r.a. certainly is is a powerful special interest group but there's probably you know a dozen twenty thirty i don't know it's hard to say who is more powerful but at the power of the n.r.a. is not in their campaign contributions it's the way they reflect the grassroots activists who care about the constitution and not just the second amendment but all ten amendments and that's what the power of the n.r.a. is they they are reflecting the american people who value their liberties. have anything to say to that. yeah i mean i think that that's absolutely false when you think about the power of the n.r.a. you really have to think about the control of the narrative that they have in the way that politicians that are for more guns and against gun control you know pretty
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much repeat the same buzz buzz lines and points that the n.r.a. kind of puts out and also i think it's false vat's the majority of american people supports what the n.r.a. puts out there many studies have actually shown from scientific american for example that many people on the ground actually don't exactly support the same line by line arguments of the n.r.a. put out there well. after the florida shooting president trump said he believes teachers should be armed which is a controversial stance in of itself let's take a listen to his exact words called concealed carry where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them they go for special training. and john as we just heard the president said teachers should carry concealed guns on them is this a step too far. no way in fact that is the
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only step that could reasonably protect every kid in america today you can ban all the guns you want today you can ban every sale every manufacture you're not going to stop a single shooting that killer every killer is going to find a gun there are over two hundred thirty million guns and almost one per person in this country you're not going to get rid of them and you shouldn't get rid of them . the best way to defend against a criminal with a gun is somebody who's love buying with a gun they are there when the police can't be there and that's the bottom line so you know i understand people that have just like an emotional fear of guns and say oh well the air fifteen look scary look i own an a r fifteen i bought in california legally with a a ten round magazine i'm planning on getting a bigger magazine now that i live in florida but the idea that that gun looks scary
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and it's only made for killing you know every gun is made for killing killing birds deer you know small some whole game you know that's that's what they do and a lot of people do target practice for sure they should be trained but this this irrational fear that teachers shouldn't be able to protect themselves what we're instead we're going to use a gun free zone. gun free school zone signs and that's going to protect our kids come on on the race. yeah i mean i think it's kind of tragic in you know just disturbing that we would talk about in the same conversation the same sentence of talking about an a r fifteen talking about as if it's really about killing deer there's something else that these guns can kill and that's a lot of american children and people in movie theaters in schools and concerts now too. so i think the really important thing here is what is this really about and i
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think that we're at a fundamental point in american history where this conversation is about the future of this country spirit and soul and who we want to be and if we're talking about specifically education and schools we really have to think reflect and think what does education really mean to us and if we want to militarize these areas if we want to introduce weapons and encourage teachers to carry weapons then i think there's a word for that and that's called the police state and so it's really simple to go around you know republicans and conservatives in the far right like loves to go out as a federal police oppressive regimes all over the world well you know it is i mean you can talk about oppressive regimes all over the world but if we're going to if we're going to want least our very own teachers to have weapons and guns i think that that's absurd and you know for me and for the majority of american schools are a place of human development and growth and free thinking and critical thinking and
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not a place for weaponize suppression and fear and intimidation which is which happens from guns because that's what they do they kill i don't i don't believe that we should get rid of. go khalid guns illegally get rid of all that and if there is a place for. me we should think about the causes of these mass shootings and why they're happening so we're keeping the discourse pretty superficial if we're going to talk about it as if as if just i mean everybody has got to get rid of the problem what we're doing is a really. i mean let's we can have a conversation about that. now and so far if you are talking about the laws i think i mean those things are simply well gentlemen the n.r.a. recently launched because i feel i have people flipping out. let's take a look with what the n.r.a. has done they've recently launched a controversial ad targeting. the media specifically let's take a look at that ads if you don't mind. and drinking as
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many as twelve the second amendment is not my militia it's the national rifle association and we are the press who is under attack the president is like your child certain people should know. that you are. in the biggest student do you think we are bless your heart. are very interesting and powerful message there now john do you think that that kind of an aggressive message is helpful on such a sensitive issue as gun control. i don't have any problem with the message i think what they're trying to do is is very clear they're saying look past all the noise and beat it with the truth don't
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be swayed by emotional arguments you know these kids right now that are that are demonstrating i understand i can only imagine you know the close i came to this is a dear friend in high school committed suicide and that rocked my world for a while so i can understand these kids being you know wanting to to vent and find some kind of purpose and meaning i get it but at the end of the day we shouldn't pass laws based on emotion we should pass laws based on what the constitution guides us and all ten amendments to the constitution are handcuffs on a government strictly government from taking things away from us restrict the government from taking away our speech our worship rights and by the way our gun ownership rights so. you know i think the n.r.a. message is very clear look past the noise and speak calmly with with truth. do you think that the media coverage controlled the major guns and. well let me go
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down on the range for a second so i i have never seen such a lapse cited ok well i guess what i want to go do is let me know if. has it been for the purpose of if the purpose of passing laws in this country was not to go on emotional exploitation then the n.r.a. wouldn't have as much of an influence as it does but i think in terms of the media you know i think there is absolutely problems with the mainstream media and two major ones is that they are incredibly corporate ties and that they are very sensationalized we've turned media in this country into a spectacle right and so but i think it's funny that instead of raising the bar of journalistic integrity and raising the bar of what we can actually talk about groups like breitbart like info wars like fox news have actually lowered the bar
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into the depths of just madness and absurdity where the it's all emotion really it's all exploitation of people's fear of other people of immigrants of the unknown and the very idea that we need guns as a necessity to protect ourselves is based on that fear and fundamentally it's based on a history of fear in other places. it's all the way back on reconstruction and jim crow so. yeah i mean right that's that's a that's a that's a fine buzz word to put out there but if we're going to think about this historically speaking why are so many people so easily kind of manipulated into into feeling like they need weapons and guns to protect themselves you know it's because this country has a history of brutal violence against a lot of people and like i said we're at a point where we're trying to redesign. people it's going to be and gentlemen i wish. if i had my way i get it right so so so if your call if you're calling the
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reign of terror after reconstruction during jim crow against the black community and against immigrants and latinos and you know i think i want to be happier in the around the world gentlemen unfortunately this is television we do have time constraints i wish we could talk about this for hours upon end and i'm sure that we could john william louden former republican member of the missouri senate and bernard professor of urban studies at queens of college thanks for being with us here in our. national certainly interesting to hear your thoughts. does it for me i will be back in about thirty one and a half minutes you're watching our chief national say with. if. most of my life i'm exposed to those skills because in most of us know more than one of them. beautiful yes good new books
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and they were going to push. you put him over the coast but then this month to move on the idea of the deal my mother goes with the story of the closed. system to me now will some day in cinemas on the human spawn of the p.b.s. dog u.s.c.'s little. book of soup and yellow wood some of the most beautiful to show it's nickel pulls to the police i guess just be possible for the most of them so just to please go well what you call a yeah. that would usually be the nation as we see when you do see chelsea snows tell me of some good to tell you the place full of them yes a little bit so. you don't mess up syria os security interests that's russian security interest ok not
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just a thought we want a stable syria and we want a stable lebanon and yukon just send in planes every week to bomb the country and disrupt the political process in this way it's unacceptable. welcome to the alex song. and sure from dublin from the public of violence this is a city and the day the country deeply suspicious of britain's breaks it moves not least because of the implications it has for the peace process on the border
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between the north of ireland and here and the public but could also be a headline breaks that bonus for the us bustling city of dublin as jobs flock here out of the city of london i speak to betty i have longest serving prime minister of ireland so am endeavor leader this is what you have to say. but. second longest serving the shock after lehman. you have the could negotiated from the earliest say the the good friday agreement. how much of a risk is the bricks process to that crucial agreement that brought peace to the whole idea was to try and make. the island of ireland one economic yunus. so that we could move freely without any restrictions without any regulations whatever that trade was true or frictionless barter. which meant because now there
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are so many arguments about at the time it was a boarded up was free of any security of free of any checks free of any passport or regular to controls of any kind then leave had fifteen years plus. of niland was developing and i learnt that how do you cannot make links and was poor compare fickling and unfortunately breakfasts and so many ways and the owner mind and do you think in the way that almost two decades of peace. of practical peace has made keep politicians in the u.k. complacent about the solidity of the good friday agreement in this threesome mayo david davis even the new and on either side of the complacent because of speed and p.t. that composite of peace and we try to hard bracks at the base at to get the irish message over. i went to some of the universities and textures and accordance
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that dante's soak went over to some debates both the reality is that none of them care two hoots about northern ireland it was no longer an issue it wasn't one of the. top three stories as it was for for generations and the news it's as simple or as complicated as this like that. if. u.k. pull out of the close in june forget the single market we know don forget do you but if they pull out at the close and you know how can you have a friction this border how can you have a border controls and without checkpoints along leader of a country i've been to not feel some sympathy for the prime minister to these images caught between a rock that is to say the the at the point you make that the customs union may be
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necessary to fulfill the functionalist border on some very hard cases and but. with a cabinet it's the nightmare for any and prime minister to have a cabinet as the vitus as hard as the difficulty for all so if i can be a bit parochial. position pascal lamy who is that the expert on world trade because of his w t o o's world trade organization days and european commission days has said that it is impossible to have a non controlled regulated border and if on the border if the u.k. pulled out that's our that's our dilemma and you know it's i'd love to hear said david davies and all of the elders say that they don't want to damage the peace process they don't want to damage the good friday agreement. they don't want
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to do anything double upset the north and the south and all be done for twenty years and then quickly add both we're leaving the european union to sink a mark in the close of union it's not the people who start fighting again are violence alex it's it's a two way trade it's you know our unit is an export country we export. practically seventy eighty percent of what we produce and the u.k. is to big the big markets but it is the industries that are vulnerable and. the agricultural in the face it's the perishables it's a you know the vegetable picked a small learning in north county dublin as in the supermarkets tomorrow morning and in different parts of the u.k. when you look right into the limit can you see examples of the one countries in the customs union one comfortable estate in norway and sweden for example not always out of the customs union sweden overseas afu european union members know that border this is not fictionalise but it couldn't be described as a hot bowl of
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a maybe real sense it's not that it's not beyond the ingenuity of humankind to work the difference with a lot of the examples that are around if you take the european ones is that you know the countries that are outside there are involved and i dared the european economic area and they've effectively signed off to brussels roods i'm pleading with movement and afraid meant to move and so so there. might be some technical difficulties but there's not many in our case it's different the. u.k. will be out of the whole last and and. david davies lights to mention is the american canadian border boat and i don't know why he keeps mentioning that because they always have to do is google it and you'll see the massive coos of traffic. waiting for it to checkpoints so that's
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precisely the example you use it's precisely our fear and the border in this solution that we would like to find if somebody goes use ingenuity is near to the status quo as humanly possible. you led coalition governments you know the difficulty is one exactly so depending on sometimes small parties for parliament. and that is the position that recently is in with the. you know spotty a little. less flexible less pragmatic so it was twenty years ago. are you surprised that the move again seemed like an accommodation between the tories only and the european union before christmas i was surprised in the referendum campaign that the democratic unionist party they were the only party i think where the only major party in the norte who can bust. everybody
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else where remainders. and it was a coalition of all kind of groups wanted to remain and of course to vote in order an ardent was overwhelmingly to remain. so that house to be taken into account to do you peto could opposing view they believed. they would get a very good deal at a so i suppose the election result was was great for that and i'm from a political point of view and it's a lot at the beginning of the election may was going to have a huge majority and that nobody in ordinary that would matter a tall and that ends up in the election. to stay in power that she has to have the support of the. relatively small you know very crucial group of do you pay democratic unionist party and peace so i don't blame
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them for playing the card i mean what they're. and i don't worry about that because quite frankly they've a responsibility now that if the british government does anything that's very negative. and affects the economy in order and i don't who's going to get the blame in northern ireland patrice and pay it will be that democratic unionist party so they can only supporter as long as they agreement is puzzle off. and that's not going to be easy as we go through this year. because. the transition agreement ok i don't see that it's a difficulty transition agreement that probably would go where you want to go to the end to twenty twenty trees may want to go bit a bit longer but she has to watch the next general election when that is but more importantly she has to to now start work what's the future relationship and that's going to be the cruet the crucial issue in order and i don't look at it and the
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iowans both the. scottish first minister as are working together to try and secure the position within the single market a few at the thought sort of advice to these ministers how they might deploy the deploy their arguments to get a result it's in our interest to to to watch carefully and the island the veyron of both north and south and how they do and what they do because we we have built up really good relationships in particular with scotland over over the years and that's something we want to keep and treasure has to huge interest between our people and scottish people i think the big issue for them again is trade me let's look at what is the future relationship about the future relationship is about foreign policy i think we can see where there can be solutions and those it's on security we can see where the solutions are it's in everybody's interest i've got security but it's trade.


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